Green Currencies


Green and Sustainable Development

The first comprehensive and scalable solution that definitively fosters green development!

Why the Green currencies?

Blockchain based solutions are the best way to truly foster sustainable green investments

The world needs to develop sustainable green projects to fight climate change and social inequalities.

With Vireo’s digital green currencies, every green project can access affordable financing while investors have 24/7 access to information and funds backed by green assets.

Vireo’s digital green currencies are cost effective, rewarding solutions that finance only COP21 and UN SDGs compliant green projects.

Vireo’s digital green currencies grow and pay interest as long as their green projects are financed and operating.

Investors can exchange Vireo’s digital green currencies Vireo’s regulated exchange, with on-demand and customizable insurance available.

Green and 100% Transparent
Cost efficient
24/7 Cash out
On-demand insurance
Dedicated platform

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How does Vireo’s digital green currencies work?

Projects are validated by third parties, to ensure compliance with COP21 and UN SDGs standards

Once validated, projects entered in Vireo’s system so that all project information is available to all parties

You invest in Vireo’s digital green currencies based on your preferred green projects and on your risk appetite

You can subscribe to customizable and cost-effective insurance policies to cover your investments

Vireo will manage the carbon credits available to you from your projects to boost value and offset your carbon footprint

Thanks to blockchain technology and unique Vireo structure, financing cost are significantly reduced and ALL promising green projects become profitable!

Vireo is creating a green Ecosystem to increase synergies and facilitate impact investment!

The green Ecosystem will help to bridge gaps between investors and local requirements

InvestorsLocal developers
They are looking for regulated instruments with full transparencyThey want to keep sovereignty on their decisions and their assets
They are looking for acceptable risk / returnThey want reasonable and affordable conditions
They are looking for liquidityThey want solutions adapted to their needs and regulatory compliant

Invest, trade, and exchange Vireo Products with ease, any time!

Thanks to the green Ecosystem, Vireo has access to a regulated blockchain-based platform to offer 24/7 trading possibilities

Thanks to Vireo solution, every investor has equal access to relevant project information as well as to Vireo’s valuation tools

Full transparency from financing to operations is fundamental for Vireo in building trust and facilitating transactions and investments

Join Vireo and generate substantive ROI while investing green!


4 years capital gain forecast


10 years annualized IRR (p.a)


Free Seeds


For investors

  • Potential for substantive returns from green investments that were previously only available to large financial institutions
  • Investments backed by real projects producing cash that is accessible 24/7
  • All processes and transactions are transparent and disclosed online

For project developers

  • Potential access to affordable financing solutions
  • Equal development possibilities, compliant with COP21 and UN SDGs standards
  • Technical assistance available for projects from Vireo experts

The Team

Frederic Delaroche

Founder and CEO

Fred has 15 years’ experience within the financial industry. He has vast knowledge of banking standards and regulations, deep understanding of Equity and Fixed Income market activities and high level management skills in relation to sales, operations and risk management. Fred holds a BSc. in Theoretical Physics, a Master in Finance and Investment and a MSc in Civil Engineering. He is French native, fluent in English, and has notions of Thai and Japanese.

Manuel Cocco

Co-founder and COO

Manu is a senior climate policy expert with 15+ years of experience working on climate change & renewable energy policy development, including public climate finance and sustainable development advisory. He has deep knowledge of the SD and CC policy environment. Manu holds a double MSc in Industrial Engineering and an international MBA with focus on International Development. He is native in Spanish and Italian, and fluent in English, French, Thai and Portuguese.

Anthony Bordier

Founder, Models and FX Hedging

Tony has 15+ years of professional experience working on quantitative modelling, algorithmic trading, FX and Equity activities for the most reputed investment banking players (Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, ANZ, Standard Chartered, Société Générale). He holds a doctoral degree in Probability & Finance, MScs and BScs in Business, Applied Math Engineering, Corporate Finance Engineering ,and Mathematics. He is a French native and fluent in English and Spanish.

Glenden Khew

Co-founder, Business Development

Glen has almost 15 years of quantitative research, modelling, exotic trading, complex structuring, systematic algorithmic trading and risk management experience in global FX and Commodities markets for major investment banks and energy trading companies in Europe and Asia. He holds an MPhil in Mathematical Finance, an MSc. in Financial Engineering, a BSc. in Mathematics and is currently pursuing his PhD. thesis in Applied Mathematics.

Board Members & Advisors

Clive Mason

Board member, CEO Clive Mason Consulting and Green Finance Expert

Clive Mason has over 40 years working experience in more than 90 countries with extensive focus in the Middle East, SE Asia and China…

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… He is an acknowledged expert in various green fields and has worked on numerous renewable energy, energy efficiency and cleaner production projects. Formerly the Head of the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Sustainable Financial Markets Facility, Clive ran a number of organizations in the environment industry, involving cleaner production and environmental technology transfer. He has authored/co-authored several publications that was published by the World Bank in 2013.


Ken Tachibana

Board member, Managing principal of Intelligence Capital and Digital Market expert

Ken has assisted a number of leading ICOs (including Pundi X, InsurePal, Flux and thrivelabs) in various stages of development…

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… from seed financing and pre-sales to post-ICO implementation (including business development and retained executive search). To this, he brings financial, business and technology backgrounds. Ken has deep experience in finance and in high tech. He is former senior manager of Netscape Communications/AOL Time Warner and currently board member of DTM Global Holdings Ltd which (will go public in the near future). Ken is also former Lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business MBA/Executive Programs and Stanford.


Richard Cayne

Advisor, CEO at Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd, Private Wealth Manager

Richard has over 15 years’ of experience in Japan, beginning with a short assignment at Sony before changing his career path…

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… to wealth management, where he gained much of his market knowledge and experience in servicing the wealth management needs of the Japanese market. In March 2000 Richard founded the Meyer Group and is currently Managing Director of Meyer Asset Management Limited, a wealth management advisory firm. He is also CEO of Asia Wealth Group which is a listed company in London. Richard is Canadian and speaks fluent English and French and has a working knowledge of Japanese


Chi Meng Leong

Advisor, Investment Specialist             

Chi Meng is a real estate investment specialist, whose experience in the last 27 years spans the different aspects of the real estate industry…

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… and business, in public markets, private equity and real estate funds. Chi Meng has investment experience across the key cities and countries in Asia in both emerging countries and developed economies. He has covered all major property sectors including Office, Retail, Residential, Industrial, Hotels and Service Apartments where he gained specific skills in the areas of developing investment strategies; sourcing and origination of investments; investment underwriting; asset management; asset financing; investor relations and reporting.


Nick Ayton

Board member, CEO and founder of Chainstarter, ICO expert

Nick is a globally recognised name in the world of decentralised business management, blockchain technology and crypto currencies…

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… He has spent 30 years working in the technology sector, holding a number of senior executive and management positions for Siemens, CapGemini and CSC. He is well known for creating and designing consumer facing services from insurance claims to self-service pensions. An accomplished writer, speaker and blockchain business architect, Nick has spent the last few years helping organisations with their blockchain strategies, designing blockchain solutions and propositions and advising on ICOs. He is also writing for the market leading online cryptocurrency magazine Coin Telegraph as their London correspondent.


Dmitry Koval

Advisor and CTO, CEO of Blockwise and founder of

Dmitry has gained wide-ranging experience in both large corporate and start-up environments

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… and after working for a few years for large systems integrators, he started his first company – Netwell. Started from scratch, Netwell is now one of the largest value-added distributors in Eastern Europe focused on information security. With the emergence of crypto-currencies, Dmitry submerged himself into the world of Blockchain, starting his first crypto project in 2014 ( To address the lack of expertise that market is facing since the tremendous growth Blockchain is facing, Dmitry started Blockwise – a consultancy and software development firm focused on evaluating blockchain use cases and implementing blockchain to solve real-world problems.


Alan Laubsch

Board member, Global nomand and connector

Alan started his career as a researcher in JPMorgan’s corporate risk management group in New York, after receiving a degree in Industrial Engineering at Stanford University in 1993…

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… He is a founding member of the RiskMetrics Group (now part of MSCI), where he authored Risk Management: A Practical Guide (1999). Alan became fascinated by systemic risk early warning signals with the onset of the US Subprime crisis in 2007, eventually developing a next generation framework for Integrated Risk Management.
Alan is inspired by evolutionary ecosystems, and his most recent publication is Adaptive Risk Management: Powered by Network Science. Alan’s mission is to catalyze a global risk culture to protect the systems that sustain us.


David Hodgkinson

Advisor, co-founder of Emerald Capital Partners

David is a seasoned fund manager and advisor for private and public investment in clean tech in Asia. He has over 25 years of experience as a member of multilateral development institutions…

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… including the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. At ADB, David headed the bank’s commercial co-financing team, with a global remit to arrange financial partnerships with leading global institutional investors. His private sector experience includes serving a board member or advisor to the Asean China Investment Fund, H&Q Ventures, Planter’s Bank (Philippines), and the NIF Daiwa Asia-Pacific Fund (Singapore).


Robert Watkins

RE, EV and CleanTech Project Advisor, CEO Three Pines Group

Robert has 20 years experience in the project management, process design, and virtual team development space, applied most recently to start-ups in the renewables and cleantech space…

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… Across his career span, Robert has managed various global projects for international companies, from organizational changes, to business rationalization through change management.
Robert is the CEO of Three Pines Group and still an active Business Development / Project Management consultant for major companies.




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