Comparison with the market

Vireo is offering a disruptive investment solution that combines, in a unique way, blockchain technology, crowdfunding, and traditional finance elements.

Vireo is more than a simple crowdfunding platform

Vireo is providing additional Investment Management Services that most competitors do not offer. This means that Vireo will have access to opportunities that competitors are not able to reach.

Vireo solution will be complementary to all existing financing solutions, in particular to the following three:

Green/SD digital currencies, tokens & blockchain initiatives

Vireo solution is complementary with existing and emerging distributed green energy solutions on the blockchain which focus more on energy distribution. Cooperative solutions may rise with such existing ventures.
Vireo solution may be competitive with some other existing green digital currencies.

However, Vireo is the most secure, profitable and low risk alternative for the following reasons:

  • Vireo offers digital asset backed by production of green commodities, verified by independent third parties.
  • Strong project pipeline of bankable green projects
  • Open source valuation software
  • Solid, detailed and concrete explanation of its comprehensive Products and Services
  • Ambitious, yet credible, business model based on a USD 15 trillion total addressable market (TAM) potential


Vireo solution is far more advanced than existing impact-related tokens:

Most of the existing renewable energy-backed token valuation and revenue models are not linked to the real economy, but just based on trust and fiat value (i.e. not really asset-backed & secured);

Emerging “carbon coins” suffer from lack of traction; unclear valuation model & business case; weak project & client sourcing; and no real pipeline of investment-ready/bankable projects that can generate direct cash and returns to investors;

Other fuzzier SD coins lack truly measurable key performance indicators, a real monetization strategy and any significant traction (i.e. no tangible business case).

Vireo solution could become complementary with existing and emerging social tokens, which could help to complement or expand Vireo company value by adding digital monetization of additional benefits while sharing the projects and customer base.

In addition, Vireo can also collaborate with other securities and financial tokens to facilitate payments, enhance liquidity and improve tradability (such as listing on existing digital exchanges).

Green crowdfunding platforms

Existing platforms focusing on green projects offer refinancing solutions for existing assets and investments in mature markets such as the European Union, the US, Japan, etc. Vireo will be open to their projects and sees them more as potential partners than as real competitors.

Impact investment funds and green asset managers

Thanks to the blockchain and the hybrid nature of Vireo’s solution, Vireo will improve any existing equity capital and traditional green investment instruments, as Vireo will provide full transparency and higher liquidity/risk/return profiles than any other existing solution in the market.

Vireo aims to collaborate with existing green investment funds and asset managers to offer them co-founding opportunities and new trading channels to sell their assets and enjoy the benefits of Vireo Products (via Vireo Certificates indexed to either Seeds or Crops) and Vireo IM Services.

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