Unique Value Proposition

Vireo solution is the only to take on a global, flexible and hybrid approach by mixing traditional and digital features to channel new financing opportunities to global impact investors.

Vireo is the next generation green financing solution

Beyond ensuring improved liquidity, security, efficiency, and reasonable revenues (Vireo project will generate more than 6% p.a. FIAT returns in average) from duly vetted and verified green assets, Vireo’s approach will allow for innovative monetization opportunities of additional positive impacts such as carbon emission reductions and SD benefits.

Compared to other existing financing solutions, Vireo is the first company offering  digital assets that are directly linked to (and based on) green commodity production, and accessible to both traditional and digital investors at a global scale.



Vireo solution follows a comprehensive and unique strategy that involve:

Providing Technical Assistance and early stage Services

To local project developers to enhance project quality in compliance with best international practices.


Financing promising local green projects

With Seeds through the Vireo AM platform.

Upgrading green projects

So that they are in line with international finance standards and can access international markets.

Digitizing green project assets

Through Crops and Vireo Certificates, which will be transparently managed, tracked, and allocated thanks to the distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) offered by the blockchain

Providing dedicated Client Services

To global impact investors, such as secondary market, reporting and market analysis, depositary services and trading on behalf of traditional investors.


Thanks to this unique value proposition, Vireo will be able to target a wide range of impact investors

Digital currency investors

Looking to anchor their investments into green, cash-backed digital instruments that deliver attractive returns while contributing to a better future

Traditional impact investors

ESG financial institutions and Qualified Investors looking for a new way to reap the benefits of green investments. They will be able to invest directly into Seeds and Crops, and indirectly via Vireo Certificates.

New impact investors

Emerging crowd of ethical investors who will buy Crops as the solution is progressively established, replicated and scaled-up across countries & technologies

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